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32. Anne Wilson & ARS Electronica​: REVEAL OUR CITY Through the voices of others @ the Beehive​

  • City Hall 55 Little Malop Street Geelong, VIC, 3220 Australia (map)

Anne Scott Wilson and Ars Electronica Australia collaborated on the artistic interface that connects the physical with the digital at GAD2019.  

Accompanying the Beehive in the City Hall Foyer is a live performance and installation that invites the public to participate and reflect their city, their voice and their perception.

"Beehive" (Bienenstock) is an ongoing artistic research experiment developed by Ars Electronica for collecting and contextualising video content from the activity of people. In the broadest sense it is a cross-media platform for crowd sourced video documentation. Beehive serves as a metaphor: like a society of bees, registered participants swarm out, capture  footage of a happening from a multitude of perspectives and then enter into the collective hive.

Performance every half hour from 6:30 in the City Hall Foyer.