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33. Corrina Eccles and Norm Stanley: Welcome To Country
6:00 pm18:00

33. Corrina Eccles and Norm Stanley: Welcome To Country

A Welcome to Country is a protocol where Aboriginal Traditional Owners welcome others to their land and the land of their ancestors. The Welcome to Country ceremony is carried out as a sign of respect and connection to Welcome people. This practice has been conducted for many generations by Elders or respected peoples of the Traditional Owner group. When Inviting Traditional Owners to conduct a Welcome ceremony it shows respect for the Traditional Owners and Elders. The Traditional owners believe in the spirituality of this ceremony and by partaking in the ceremony you will be protected and have a safe journey on their Traditional lands.

A welcome is often spoken in the Traditional Language of the Traditional owners, and it is to be the first thing conducted at events, Gatherings etc. Once you are welcomed on country it is a sign of respect that in return you Acknowledge the ceremony and Traditional owners.

Corrina Eccles Wadawurrung Woman will Welcome us in Wadawurrung Language and Norm Stanley Didge Player will be alongside her.

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