Back to Back Theatre: coming soon in Portrait Form...

Ganesh Versus The Third Reich

If you haven't come across the work of Back to Back Theatre yet - then it's time to indulge in the work of the breathtaking stalwarts of contemporary theatre...

Back to Back Theatre is a theatre company driven by an ensemble of performers considered to have intellectual disabilities.

With a busy schedule of national and international touring productions, their work aims to challenge people’s perceptions on social issues with edgy content and contemporary ideas. 

Currently touring their show, Small Metal Objects in New Zealand, a show that has been "turn[ing] the notion of theatre and the everyday inside out" - it's no wonder that their ensemble members are the subject of much interest from Geelong's very own Steve Salo.

Steve Salo is an artist, who crafts his emotive oil portraits with an alternative edge. He has been working for months on a series of portraits of the ensemble members of Back to Back Theatre - which are set to be revealed at Geelong After Dark this year.

Check out a snapshot of some of Steve Salo's earlier work:

Passerby Collins Street

The Glance

"My intent as a contemporary portrait artist is to explore the human psyche through painting its complexities..." - Steve Salo

Steve Salo has been crafting his style since his school days in Geelong - developing his style with both purpose and patience. 

"Often it is the imagining of a picture that takes the most time; hours, days or weeks of pondering and unraveling as he sits capsuled in his couch in front of the easel..." 

Sarah Mainwaringshortlisted for the Wyndham Art Prize 2016

This collaboration between Back to Back Theatre, Metropolis Gallery and Steve Salo is going to be a sure fire hit.

Keep up with Steve Salo's Back to Back portrait progression via Instagram and experience these incredible works at Geelong After Dark 2016.

Steve Salo
Back to Back Theatre
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