Geelong After Dark: What is it and why should I go?

53. Tim Hulsman, Nina Grant & Mike Patton - UPSCALE

You’ve seen the billboards, you’ve noticed images and clips as you scroll through your social fields and you may be wondering, what is Geelong After Dark and why should I go?

Geelong After Dark is Geelong’s own home-grown night of art in the heart of our town, celebrating the diversity and the skills of artists and performers of all persuasions. It gives you the chance to explore the boundaries of art through immersive experiences.

Geelong is Australia’s only designated UNESCO City of Design, and Geelong After Dark contributes to our goal of placing creativity at the centre of all that we do.

The 2019 theme,  Heighten Your Senses, has inspired over 77 creatives, who have all worked towards incorporating at least one of the five senses in their pieces: and the Rhine Experiment (Replicated) by Retail Cargo Cult will have you testing your 6th.

With help from Barwon Heads Primary and Barwon Valley School, ACT Natimuk will take to the skies over Barwon Water Forecourt, defying gravity and challenging your perceptions of sight and sound.

The life-affirming Complimentary Lane includes work done by Diversitat and students of Matthew Flinders Girls High School with Rose Ertler. Their compliments are designed to complement you and your loved ones.

Jessica Costa poses the question - can you ‘hear’ colours? Head to Creative Geelong to find out.

Tim Hulsman has set his sights on playing a 5 metre slide guitar. Along with visual artist Nina Grant, Tim has worked with Mike Patton to develop and create a piece that only he will be able to tame.

Keep your eyes open for the return of Western Edge Youth Arts, searching for the Scent of the Night.

Taking it tiny is Tina’s Tiny Theatre – so tiny only one at a time will delight in the joy of small.

Yes! Those lampposts are talking to and about you – so be on guard when you wander past the Talking Lampposts.

More delights await you from 6pm Friday 3 May, Central Geelong. Download the programme and Heighten Your Senses – abandon what you know.