City Hall


Projections are back this time around at Geelong After Dark with amazing pieces to be lighting up the City's most loved buildings and spaces.  Led by the enigmatic Matt Bonner (creatively known as Amoebart), the front of City Hall will be wondrously transformed for the night - all with the amazing power of projection lighting.

Sneak peak from Matt Boner's Geelong After Dark - Breathe

Matt has been creating Projection Art for the past 16 years with large scale building projection his main focus since 2011. 

“Everywhere I go I find myself looking at buildings and wondering what it would be like to project on them”.

Sneak peak of Matt's second show -  Float  

Matt has two cool shows to exhibit on the night. The first show Breathe to kick it all off has the "columns expanding with each breath and the façade opening to reveal the heart of the building pumping to a rhythmic beat". (Matt says that this piece has been exceptionally challenging as he has had to reconstruct the building using visual effect software) 

While Float which will conclude the night, "stems from Matt's interest in surrealism and experimental art and music" and focuses on constructing an entrancing dream-scape environment. 

And this time along with fellow artist David Fromholtz, Matt will also be constructing a fully interactive projection light playground down on Customs Lawn. We know this is meant to be for the kids but we also know how tempting it can be to join in - promise we wont judge!

We can't wait for Matt to have everyone's eyes glued to City Hall so make sure you follow Amoebart on Facebook for exciting updates! 

Images taken from a virtual trial run ahead of Geelong After Dark 2016 (composition and colours may change)