Skipping Rope

Anyone For a Spot of Night Skipping?

Ever wanted to join in a massive game of jump rope - just like in the school yard? Geelong After Dark 2016 Artist, Ainslie Macaulay is getting people excited for what will be one of the biggest games of jump rope in Australia - right in the heart of Geelong.

Jump Light at the Old Melbourne Gaol

What's not to like about a huge nine-metre long skipping ripe, constructed with countless LED lights? 

This fun installation piece will delight all those who dare to play - with a sensual new experience to a universally loved past time. We're pretty sure you haven't thrown all care to the wind, so take a stroll into Geelong After Dark this year on 6 May and get ready to skip the night away!

"I'm really excited to be exhibiting Jump Light at this years Geelong After Dark ... still coming down from the fun whirlwind of White Night last month" - Ainslie Macaulay

Fresh from Melbourne's White Night, Jump Light will be in Geelong this May only for Geelong After Dark, where five of these awesome skipping ropes will await you...

Oh, and before you head into the city, get to know the fabulous artist behind the skipping rope sensation: Ainslie Macaualay.