Brand Me Baby...Brand Me Good

Credit: Matt 



























Credit: Matt Lucas

Brand Me Baby are a theatrical duo that convey powerful social messages through simple interactive acts. 

They will be roaming the streets at Geelong After Dark asking you to give them a hand with something... Brand them, baby, brand them good.


Nico Reddaway and Caitlin Telford are asking YOU to cover their bodies using badges of pixelated well-known logos. They're brands we can't help see everyday, logos that appear all so natural until you really think about what that means. Call it performative intervention or reflective art-piece, Brand Me Baby explores the creeping commodification of digital intimacy.

Credit: Matt Lucas

You will recognise these lovely ladies by their skin-tone body suits which represent the self before its blurred with a commercial identity. 

Fresh from the likes of Melbourne's Midsumma Festival, Brand Me Baby are looking to get stuck in at Geelong After Dark. They can't do it without you, so make sure you get all up in their personal space when you bump into them on May 6. Till then catch a glimpse of them storming the Art Town Festival in Prahan last year. 

Get to know Brand Me Baby more by checking out their Facebook and by following the daring artists behind it. Come and see them after dark!

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