What A Night...What A Crowd

So by now all the smoke has cleared, the crates have been moved and the CBD has gone back to business as usual. Hopefully though, for those who inhabited Geelong After Dark 2016 on Friday, the usual spaces that we've come to know too well, now feel a little different. 

Brand Me Baby chucking a pose! Credit: Ferne Millen 

Brand Me Baby chucking a pose! Credit: Ferne Millen 

The Cultural Precinct went off, especially earlier in the night as Stardust: The Col Brain Story and Come On In With Viva packed in the Geelong Performing Arts Centre something special, and pieces like Amateur/Professional on the lawn next door got people interacting and being apart of the night. Around the corner Love Is In the Air and Submersion (Bubble Nucleation) gave Johnstone Park the time of it's life! All the selfies looked incredible and the queue to get inside the shipping container proved what an experience was waiting inside.

Zone 2 down Little Malop Street seemed to be the place to be throughout the night, the atmosphere down the mall was potent! The Telematic Cafe was a treat, as was music spinning from the front Real Sound. The Tides of Welcome Choir meet David Roberston Drummers lit up the space later on in the evening as the crowd took over the street. Brand Me Baby made Little Malop St their own - those guys are real firestarters!

The walk down to Zone 3 on Moorabool St saw brilliant acts taking over the most unusual spaces giving them an alternate life! Alchemy 7 saw a haunting voice drift up from the underground women's toilets on  as people of all ages peered over the banister for a glimpse at Rebecca Morton in her eery dress and head gear. Les Medusa (The JellyFish) really did draw eyes wherever they wandered, glowing and bobbing up and down - the crowd following them as they were pulled around the buildings by their own unearthly current. Gore Place was something special too with Lifeless and Wendy Grose turning the cobblestones into something they've never seen before amongst the graffiti and back shop entrances.

The cabaret radio star Joel Carnegie from the amazing Stardust: The Col Brain Story  Credit: Caleb Plumridge

The cabaret radio star Joel Carnegie from the amazing Stardust: The Col Brain Story
Credit: Caleb Plumridge

The foreshore at Zone 4 felt like a party at times on Friday with Jumplight, the Projected Playground and the M~M Gathering of the City: Geelong Connected Community keeping people on their feet all night near the Customs Lawn; and the acts tearing it up in and around the Sally Walker Building such as Otherworldy Environments and Movements & Creation were something to behold. Stepping into these art pieces and looking through the glass to what was inside had people mesmerised from the very beginning. 

By 10pm Geelong After Dark came to a close, but people electrified from their After Dark experience kept the momentum going into the night, the city was alive ~ what an amazing sight to see.

Remember to keep posting your pictures and editing your videos, we'd love to see them. Put them on social media and why not give us a tag. Geelong After Dark is gone for this year but we're already planning for next year so feel free to post your memories all year round. 

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Did you meet our Projector Men & Women? 

Did you meet our Projector Men & Women?