Would you like to Volunteer your time to help with this multi-award winning event?


We are looking for Geelong After Dark Volunteers to perform the following roles:

  • GAD CUSTOMER SERVICE - To crew information stations located across the event and provide customer service to people attending the event.

  • GAD EVENT RUNNERS - Act as runner for Zone Wardens and Artists or other tasks as required, help with setup and takedown.

  • GAD PROMOTIONS - Hand out programmes in Central Geelong before and during the event.

  • CROWD SOURCED MEDIA PROJECT with ARS Electronica Australia and Anne Scott Wilson. Contact Kitty Wicks for more info: wickskiri@gmail.com and fill in the volunteer form on this site

The GAD2019 VOLUNTEER BRIEFING will be held at 2PM and at 6PM Wednesday 1st April,

at GAD2019 Event HQ in the Renew Geelong space, 107 Moorabool Street Geelong.

It is VITAL you receive an orientation and be introduced to event key staff BEFORE the event starting 6pm Friday 3rd May. 

If you are not able to attend, you MUST call the Volunteer Coordinator Justyn Rowe on 0437563324 asap.

See you there!

You are also invited to attend the VIP Launch at 5:30pm in City Hall